About Me

Hi,I’m David and this is a story about me.I was born in Warner Robins,GA a little south of Atlanta to two parents and three brothers.I am the youngest of four boys,which was good when someone picked on me because they would defend me,but also bad because they could and would pick on me all the time.When I was around three my parents moved to Forest Park,GA,in which I found out was my dads fault.We were in Forest Park a couple of years when my parents divorced,and my dad ended up with custody of us.Consequently,this was not such a good thing because my dad was an alcoholic and wasn’t really there as a father,but he was not abusive,he just wasn’t there.When I was fourteen my dad married my step-mother and this is when stability came into our lives,well me and my brother next to me,the other two brothers had already moved out.As a result of this,I began to excel in school and made A’s and B’s from 7th grade until I graduated.I graduated top 5% of my class with awards in math and science,plus I received awards in art when I was in 11th grade.I was a highly motivated 18 year old who wanted to go straight to college after high school,and even set up an interview with a Devry representative,but my parents would not work with me on this.As a result of this,I moved in with my next to the oldest brother with whom I had been working  during the summers building houses.The money I had been saving I used to help with a business that me and my brother started.This turned out to be a bad investment,because my brother screwed me.This happened on a Friday and by that Monday I was in Washington DC painting a Montgomery Wards department store.For two years after this I was traveling all over the United States as a painter.It was fun while it lasted, until the company I was working for went bankrupt, because they were not paying their bills at the paint stores we were getting our supplies from.This is when I moved back in with my parents and went to work for a trucking company.Around this time is when I met a wonderful woman and was married.We were married for 19 years,but in the last two years she got sick and died in 2010.My life has been a mess since she’s been gone,but I’ve managed to hang on.I miss her tremendously and I’m learning to live without her.At this point in my life I am pursuing my dream of going to college,actually I’m living my dream and it feels great.My wife new of my dream of course,and I bet she’s looking down on me right now and rejoicing.Well,I hope you enjoyed this short condensed version of my life.Maybe someday I’ll write the long version.



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